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Glenbow College features the General English Program as a primary offering, with all programs structured as full-time courses held from Monday to Thursday (excluding holidays). Glenbow College utilizes the Global Scale of English (GSE), a detailed proficiency scale from 10 to 90 aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). Unlike the CEFR, the GSE provides a more granular assessment of language proficiency, specifying what learners can do at each point within a CEFR level. This scale, integral to Pearson’s English course material and assessments, aims to motivate learners by showcasing incremental progress. Both CEFR and GSE consist of Can-Do statements for language skills, with GSE Learning Objectives aligned to CEFR and calibrated for difficulty. Glenbow College enriches its ESL classes with Pearson’s StartUp series, designed to be relevant, motivating, and fostering a growth mindset. The integration of Pearson’s English courses with GSE ensures a seamless educational journey, allowing learners and educators to effortlessly track progress on a user-friendly scale rooted in extensive global research involving over 6,000 experts from 50 countries.

Table-1: GSE and CEFR Alignment

General English

General English-1\A1\Beginner \ 10 – 12 weeks

In Glenbow College’s General English Beginner Level, denoted by GSE 22–29 and utilizing the Pearson StartUp-1 Book, language learners demonstrate the following skills: They can understand and use basic daily expressions and essential phrases for practical purposes. They can introduce themselves and others, as well as ask and answer questions about personal information, including residence, relationships, and belongings. Moreover, they are proficient in straightforward interactions, especially when the other party communicates slowly, clearly, and offers assistance.

General English-2\A2\A2+\Elementary 10 – 12 weeks

At the Elementary level (GSE 36–42) using the Pearson-StartUp-3 Book in Glenbow College’s General English program, language learners demonstrate the following proficiencies: They can understand sentences and commonly used expressions in immediate contexts, including basic personal and family details, shopping, local geography, and employment. They are skilled at performing simple and routine tasks, participating in straightforward exchanges of information on familiar topics. Additionally, they can provide basic descriptions related to their background, immediate environment, and matters relevant to immediate needs.

General English-3\B1\B1+\Intermediate 10 – 12 weeks

In Glenbow College’s Intermediate Level General English, utilizing the Pearson-StartUp-5 Book for GSE 51–58, language learners exhibit the following proficiencies: They can understand the main ideas of clear, standard information on familiar topics encountered in work, school, and leisure settings. They are able to navigate most situations likely to occur during travel in areas where the language is spoken. Moreover, they can produce coherent written or spoken content on subjects that are familiar or personally intriguing, describing experiences, events, dreams, aspirations, and offering concise reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.

Pathway Program \B2+\C1+\Advanced 10 weeks

At Glenbow College’s College/University Pathway Level, utilizing the Pearson-StartUp-7 Book with GSE 76–84, language learners exhibit a high level of proficiency across multiple dimensions. Their ability to comprehend diverse and challenging texts is exemplary, showcasing a keen discernment of implicit meanings within the content. Moreover, these learners display fluency and spontaneity in self-expression, effortlessly articulating their thoughts without apparent searches for the right expressions. The program places a strong emphasis on fostering a flexible and effective use of language in social, academic, and professional contexts. At this level, learners demonstrate the ability to produce clear, well-structured, and detailed written communication on complex subjects. Their written expression reflects a controlled and sophisticated use of organizational patterns, connectors, and cohesive devices, emphasizing a nuanced command of language. The proficiencies attained at the College/University Pathway Level underscore the program’s success in preparing learners for the diverse linguistic demands they will encounter in higher education and professional environments.

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