Professor Shirley R. Steinberg brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role as Academic Advisor at Glenbow College. As a Professor of Education at the University of Calgary, she has authored and edited numerous books on critical pedagogy, urban and youth culture, and cultural studies. With a background in social/improvisational theatre, Professor Steinberg has facilitated happenings and flashmobs worldwide, contributing to her dynamic approach to education. She is recognized globally as an international speaker and teacher, regularly contributing to Canadian and American press. Professor Steinberg is the Founding Editor of Taboo: The Journal of Culture and Education, the Founding and Managing Editor of The International Journal of Critical Pedagogy, and Co-founder and Co-editor of The International Journal for Leadership in Learning. Dedicated to fostering global connections and collaborations, Professor Steinberg serves on various executive boards, including OBAT Canada and Think For Actions, organizations focused on equity issues and community development. Additionally, she holds positions as the Chief Information Organizational Officer for S.I.Y.S. (Struggle Is Your Success) and the Educational Advisor for the Robb Nash Project, both aiming to support youth empowerment and well-being. Professor Steinberg’s research affiliations span across institutions worldwide, including the University of Barcelona, Sapienza University in Rome, Murdoch University in Perth, IPEC in Mexico, and Griffith University in Brisbane. Her current research initiatives focus on critical pedagogy, critical youth studies, and community development, reflecting her commitment to advancing education and social justice on a global scale. As an Academic Advisor at Glenbow College, Professor Steinberg brings her extensive expertise and passion for transformative education to empower students on their academic journey. Shirley R Steinberg, Ph.D. Professor, Werklund School of Education, The University of Calgary Paulo Freire Legacy Award Winner, American Educational Research Association Whitworth Award Winner for Career Education Research Excellence, EdCan Network Honorary Adjunct Professor, Murdoch University, Perth, Australia Honorary Adjunct Professor, Instituto de Pedagogica Critica, Chihuahua, Mexico Director, Writer: The Elders’ Room: