Administrative Professional Diploma Program

Program Overview

If you enjoy working with people, using computer applications, compiling and organizing information, performing administrative duties ranging from general office tasks to acting as a special assistant in any office environments, Administrative Professional Program (APP) is the right profession for you. Administrative Professionals perform a wide variety of clerical and administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, word processing, bookkeeping and accounting, photocopying, filing and answering telephone calls and other correspondence. Administrative Professionals work in a variety of industries ranging from large corporations, small and medium-sized businesses, and non-profit groups to government departments. Administrative Professionals usually work standard office hours but sometimes may be required to work some evenings and weekends.

Program Description

This is a very broad filed but with a diploma from Glenbow College, you will be equipped with specialized skills and knowledge making you outstand among many other job seekers. You will have job opportunities with local and international organizations of any size. A career started here could end in management. Among many, some job titles are Office Administrator, Personal Assistance, Office Clerk and more.

Administrative Professional Program (APP) at Glenbow College is designed very well so that the  students can gain a basic understanding of modern office procedures as well as the skills and confidence to obtain an entry-level administrative assistant position in a range of office environments. Administrative Professional Program at Glenbow College provides students with up to date software training to be competitive in a continuously changing field. Administrative Professional Program at Glenbow College has two tiers, theoretical and practical education.

Students at APP program will start with IT Literacy module providing students keyboarding, basic computer software and applications. Keyboarding and office software is the most important element of this module as it is a requirement for administrative professionals. The Keyboarding course gives students an introduction to the fundamentals of keyboarding for their office needs. This course will help the students reinforce their English language skills and develop their ability to key and compose information and develop the proper keyboarding techniques and skills. After this course, the students will develop both speed and accuracy while applying the proper keyboarding techniques. This is followed by the Office Management and Procedures module which is the most extensive module in the program for learning the fundamentals of today‚Äôs office management and procedures.  The third module is Business Documents and Communication. Although it seems to be a theoretical module, it is a practice based module with lots of applications in a virtual office environment.  The rest of the program is as follows:                                                         

  • English for Office Communication                                               
  • Financial Office Activities                                                                 
  • Readiness for Career
  • Practicum

Program Duration