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Glenbow College is established with the vision to provide the latest and greatest knowledge to its students through different programs. You will be prepared through theory and practical experience for today’s fast paced and hi-tech work environment. Each program takes every detail into consideration to make sure students are provided with the most up to date information and equipped with the best knowledge and skills to start their career upon successful graduation.

The Glenbow College team has done extensive research in preparing each program to provide effective and fruitful course materials for its students to achieve success. Unlike any other college here in Calgary, we offer more required certifications within our cor5e programs. Many other institutions offer similar programs and diplomas as Glenbow College, but what they do not offer are the extra certifications which are embedded in our programs at no additional cost to you, increasing your chances for successful career opportunities. The programs have a practicum component where you will have the chance to apply your knowledge in a real-life work environment.

Glenbow College understands you because it is operated by professional educators with more than 20 years of experience in education. We are not running a business, we are running an educational institution aiming to provide a unique opportunity for you. We understand your expectations, fears for the future career prospects, and the challenges on your way to success. We have developed our talents and efforts to bring a through and unique educational advantage to our students. We understand the industry in which you are going to work, the importance of your values, and the challenges you are going to face. We combine an extensive portfolio of educational services, unique programs and relationships with industry experts to bring you a complete, unique education system that addresses the specific needs of your future career.