Computerized Accounting & Payroll Diploma Program

Program Overview

The Computerized Accounting and Payroll Program provides students with basic accounting and computerized accounting skills in all phases of the accounting cycle. With these skills, students will be qualified for junior positions in most organizations. The program involves 10 modules of instruction which will deal with the practical application of business concepts. Only one module will be taught at a time. Glenbow College will enroll students at the beginning of each module with an ongoing registration basis. At the last module Computerized Accounting and Payroll Program students will have work experience/ Practicum, whereby each student will gain experience within various small and mid-sized businesses within the area. This will be practiced outside of Glenbow College for 180 hours in 9 weeks.

Program Description

At Computerized Accounting and Payroll (CAP) diploma program at Glenbow College, students are going to get updated education blended with 21st century tech tools. The students will start with introduction to business in which they will learn the nature of business and its components in real industry. Then basics of accounting module comes for learning the fundamentals of accounting. To enable our students with high accuracy in their future profession, Glenbow College provides Math for Accounting for high level understanding of general accounting calculations. The rest of the program is as follows:

  • Sage 50
  • Quick Books
  • IT Fundamentals for Accounting
  • Motivation and Teamwork Skills
  • Taxation System
  • Readiness for Career
  • Practicum
  • Program Duration
  • Theory on site 560 hours.
  • Practice at workplace (Co-op Work Experience) 180 hours

Program Duration